Dearborn Performance Inc

Factory OEM Front Tow Hook   $29.00

Extended Factory Front Tow Hook

2 1/2" Longer than the OEM at Left

Clears the front facia   $44.00

Comparison OEM to Extended Length

Ford GT Factory

Battery Trickle Charger


includes carrying case

New Ford GT Lettered

Canvas Carrying Bag

              Great for storage behind the seats

‚Äč                                        $79.00


            Ford GT Factory Nylon Car Cover

                 made to fit the Ford GT only.

comes with canvas "Ford GT" lettered storage bag


    also has "Ford GT" on both sides and a clear window for

the license plate to show thru

We stock many great accessories for the 2005-2006 Ford GT including the factory car covers, trickle chargers, carrying bags and more. we will be posting pictures and prices soon. Please call with any questions. Thanks!

Ford GT Accessories