Romeo Engine Plant

Niche Line Signature Plates



Very Limited Quantity

Tell the world you have a 200 MPH Supercar! Adheres to the inside of the glass and will last for years. Great for 1/4 glass, windshield, bulk head or rear clam shell glass.

Measures 3 1/8" wide x 2 3/8" tall


Note: the air bag emblem has never been serviced thru Ford. The complete air bag with new emblem at $700.00+ is not available due to the Takata recall

2005 Emissions Decal

Driver's side bulkhead

$32.00 ea

New Ford GT Battery Top Label

Measures 5 1/4" wide x 3 1/2" tall

Also fits after market Optima Battery


Very Limited Quantity

Gulf Racing GT40 Wings Decals

made from vinyl and laminated with UV protection

for exterior use. Left and Right pair  $19.00 pr.

each decal measures approx 8" wide by approx. 6" tall

2006 Emissions Decal

Driver's side bulkhead

$32.00 ea

2006 Ford GT Heritage

Black Pinstripe Border Tape


2006 Ford GT Heritage

Black Side Door Letter Kit

$269.00 pr

Exactly correct?  No, but sure looks better than the pictures of this delaminated emblem below

* please make sure this size label will fit your battery application

Attaches to driver's side engine valve cover

Ford GT Decals

New Brushed Aluminum Look Overlay Label

for the Steering Wheels Center on the 

2005-2006 Ford GT Supercar   $32.00

Return of the Ferrari Slayer decal

Celebrate 40 years of the 1966 Lemans win over Ferrari.

Measures 3" diameter.

perfect for inside glass surfaces such as windshield, 1/4 window, clamshell or bulk head glass.