Nice Used pair of Matched Catalytic Converters

Low Mileage take offs   $1895.00 pr

Dearborn Performance Inc


Catalytic Converter to Muffler Gasket

​$29.00 ea   

Nice Used Take Off

Ford GT OEM Mufflers


​Put your Ford GT back to factory OEM stock with this complete factory system including brand new cast iron exhaust manifold, new catalytic converters and pipes, heat shields, low mileage take off muffler and gaskets.


$4495.00 for the complete system

​*all OEM Ford Parts

Brand new Ford GT

Exhaust Manifolds

$749.00 pr.

*used sets available

Ford Racing/Borla Stainless Muffler

complete with polished stainless tips

pleas inquire for price & availability

obsolete from Ford Racing

Ford GT Factory Exhaust

Manifold Heat Shield 4 pc set


Ford GT Exhaust Components