New Ford GT Volt Gauge


New Ford GT Fuel Gauge


Gauges for Export Cars

New Ford GT Oil Gauge


Ford GT Gauges

New Ford GT Export Oil Gauge


New Ford GT Export Volt Gauge


New Ford GT Tachometers

$1695.00 *check on availability

New Ford GT Boost Gauge


Very Rare Complete Dash Gauge Cluster Unit

Brand New, Never installed. As installed from the Factory

$7900.00  complete with all gauges, switches, surround and harness

New Ford GT Temp Gauge


New Ford GT Export Fuel Gauge


New Ford GT Export Temp Gauge


New Ford GT Speedometers


We carry the four small gauges for exported GTs !

Exact same gauge, fitment and connection, these gauges have a picture of the application instead of the word/text of the description on the face. Can be installed on U.S. cars as well and works perfectly!

Save over the US version. Compare these gauges with US versions  above.