See the correct Synthetic Transaxle Fluid

in the Maintenance Page

Dearborn Performance Inc


New Ford GT

Transmission Cross Members


New Ford GT Half Shafts

$1195.00 ea

New Ford GT Optional Transaxle

Cooler and Lines


*includes adaptors and seal kit

Lines, cooler and brackets  available separately

New OEM Ford GT

Pressure Plate Clutch

with dual Discs.   

Please call for pricing

Ford GT Transaxle Cooler Line

Adaptor Fitting Kit and Seals

* a must when installing the transaxle cooler lines since the OEM fittings are different size

$48.00 kit

New Ford GT OEM

Transaxle Mounts


New Ford GT OEM

aluminum Shifter Ball


Gear ratios for the transaxle are as follows: 

1st = 2.611 
2nd = 1.708 
3rd = 1.233 
4th = .943 
5th = .767 
6th = .625 
Final Drive = 3.36 

We stock OEM Ford Factory

Synthetic Transaxle Oil for

your Ford GT

    New Ford GT

Shifter Gaitor Boot



Brand New Ford OEM Shifter 

with unique Floor Mount Bracket

2005-2006 Ford GT   $895.00

New Ford GT Shifter Cables


    Brand new Ford GT OEM

    Ricardo 6 speed Transaxles


       have a used core to turn in? call us for a better deal!

​core credit allowance $2000.00

Ford GT Transaxle by Ricardo