Dearborn Performance Inc

Replacement Flat Tire

Sealant Liquid and Hose

Note: check the exp. date

on your sealant cannister

If it's past the exp. date

it may not work when needed.

Run Flat Tire Repair Kit

Comes with compressor,

hose and sealant liquid

New Optional BBS Wheel Set

 with center caps

Orig. OEM Ford Factory

Super Sale 1 set

$9500.00 set of 4

2-18" front & 2-19" rear



​with FREE SHIPPING and a 

and 4 new center caps!

​*while quantities last

CALL 734-421-2782 to take

​advantage of this great deal!

Optional BBS Wheel

Center Caps   

$49.00 ea

Standard 6 Spoke Wheel

Center Caps   

$59.00 ea

New and Used Optional BBS Wheels

Call for price and availability

on individual BBS wheels

New and used Ford GT standard

6 spoke Wheels

Call for price and availability

We stock new and used standard BBS 6 spoke wheels and the optional BBS wheels. We also have the correct center caps and lug nuts.

Please call with any questions. Thanks!

Ford GT Wheels & Accessories