Used Ford GT "B" Pillar Trim

Left or Right side available

$475.00 ea

Many Used Side Scoops in stock

Dearborn Performance Inc

Nice Used Complete Rear Bumpers


Used Upper Dash with HVAC duct system

Low Mileage Take off

Complete Supercharger and Manifold Kit

includes injectors, fuel rail, inter cooler and front

water adaptor and throttle body


* Colors may vary. Also may have to be repainted due to minor scratches from storage

Nice used set of Red Ford GT Calipers. includes pads, pins and clips. low mileage take offs

$1050.00 set of 4

* has some scratches and chips

Used Upper and Lower Rear

Chassis Brace Set   $1175.00

Ford GT Used Parts

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Nice used Front Fenders

Nice used Exhaust parts. Mufflers, exhaust manifolds, converters, heat shields and more to put your GT back to factory stock trim!